Garage Door Repair Tips

Having problems with your garage door? You don’t have to always call professionals like A&R Garage Door to fix it. Sometimes, you can temporarily resolve some issues to make your life easier before doing serious repair. Today, we will give you some tips on fixing minor issues with your garage door.

Examine the devices of the garage door beforehand. Before thinking about replacing something or repairing your garage door, check the condition of its rollers and tracks. Check if you can resolve issues with the garage door by cleaning its equipment, testing the door opener, and doing some other maintenance and adjustment work. It might turn out that you don’t need to spend money on repairing your garage door at all at least for now.

Noisy garage door? The noise of the garage door might be due to either its rollers or hinges. If you are sure that the former is the cause of the noise, you might consider replacing them with new rollers. Instead of metal rollers, you can look for nylon ones which are quieter and don’t require to be lubricated as much. But they typically cost more: around 60$ for a set of nylon rollers vs $38 for metal. Stems of rollers have different size, so measure yours before buying new ones. You should replace one at a time.

You should avoid replacing rollers by yourself if your garage door has torsion springs, which are attached to the header directly above closed door. Don’t confuse them with extension springs, which are above the upper tracks on both sides. Torsion springs are always under tension, so you could seriously injure yourself trying to replace rollers. In this case, the only way to replace rollers is calling professionals.

The other part that could cause noise is the worn hinge housing the roller stem. Replacing them should eliminate the noise as well.

Defrosting a frozen garage door. If you discover that your garage door is frozen, the last thing you should do is pushing the button in hopes of a miracle. That can result in more serious problems than just freezing. Instead, you should try to defrost it with a heat gun or dryer. You can use a shovel to chip away the ice at the bottom of the door, but be careful to not damage anything. After you manage to open the garage door, clean the spot where the door rests when closed from water, snow, or ice.

Broken glass replacement. This is a thing that you should do as soon as possible as broken glass is a security issue. Besides, animals might want to make your garage their home, causing more problems. Replacing glass isn’t complicated and shouldn’t take much of your time.

Look after your garage door opener. You should replace it if you have serious issues with it or your model is an older one. Outdated garage door openers usually do not have such security features that would prevent the door from closing on children or pets. Besides, the garage door opener is your main tool in operation of your garage. Before considering replacing your garage door opener, make sure that the problem isn’t caused by faulty power connection, bad adjustment, or range of the controls.

Changing the garage door. You should do this if your garage door is really damaged or if you are tired of its appearance. Before choosing a garage door, define how much a garage door would cost you. Then, look into the materials garage doors are made of, and after understanding their purpose, pick the one that complements your house and your needs.



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